Another victory in Tamil history!

The Tamil National Cultural Council has said that the disastrous struggle from Butuvel to Polikandi in the homeland of Tamils ​​has once again achieved a remarkable victory in Tamil history.

They said that the spontaneous and emotional involvement of more than 5 lakh Tamils ​​in eight districts from Butuvel to Bolikandi in the struggle organized by civil society in the Northeast was a great historic victory.

The full cooperation and fieldwork of Northeastern University students in the struggle from Botofil to Bulikandi and their commitment to the Tamil nation is commendable.

Likewise, the support and cooperation of civil society organizations in the Northeast and the civil society of the Tamil nation is important and the All-Tamil National Party, which is loyal to the Tamil Nation, is proud to have strengthened the struggle of the Tamil people. Civil society in the Northeast by breaking down all the barriers that the Sinhalese chauvinists have put in this struggle. Moreover, the activities of many parliamentarians in this struggle are very commendable.

If this struggle has transcended the homeland into the international arena today, it will depend on all the young men and women and the common people who live in the northeast. And the credit goes to the social media fighters who brought this struggle to everyone via social media. In this too, the work of journalists who have followed the path of Tamil nationalism without changing their course is commendable. Likewise, the role of the Tamil Diaspora community in organizing car rallies and protests in the countries where the Tamil Diaspora lives is commendable, as is our cooperation with the international community to support the struggle.

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I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the clergy and other delegates from Northeastern civic organizations who have led and succeeded in the disastrous struggle from the beginning of Polikandi. They thanked the Cultural Council and said that the Tamil National Cultural Council will continue to travel with you.

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