United States: Trump initially refused to order Capitol robbers to suspend the raid

Madrid, 13 years old (Europe Press)

Former US President Donald Trump rejected the first request by Republican Leader in the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy to order his supporters to stop the attack on the Capitol Building on January 6, according to sources from the Republican Party, near the House of Representatives. A conversation to the CNN series.

McCarthy phoned Trump in the middle of the attack to ask the then president to exert influence on his supporters to ask them to leave Congress. Instead, Trump made McCarthy ugly for not wanting to challenge the presidential election result that was stolen from him, according to the baseless theories the president championed.

Trump replied, at the start of a “roaring” conversation, according to the Republican lawmakers present, in which McCarthy indicated to the president that the rioters were upset: “Well, Kevin, I think these people are more upset than you about the election.” They come in through the windows and shout to the president, “Who do you think you are talking to?”

Members of Congress consulted by CNN saw the confrontation with McCarthy as evidence that Trump had initially had no intention of stopping the riots, in what some saw as “a abdication of his presidential duty.”

One of those consulted said, “(Trump) was never an innocent watcher. He supported the rioters.” “When Kevin McCarthy said on January 13 that the president bears his share of responsibility for what happened, he had it.”

Finally, after a few hours, Trump ended up encouraging his followers to return home “in peace,” in a message posted on his Twitter account at the request of his closest circle of advisers, according to CNN. Neither McCarthy, nor Trump, nor their teams commented on this information from the series.

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