Announcing 5 Reasons for the Possible Failure of Windows 11

A few days ago, Microsoft held an event to announce Windows 11.

A lot of interesting things are already known about the new platform. Some people love Windows 11, while others see it as a failure.

The user of the site for computer enthusiasts, Overclockers, gathered in one place and shared his opinion about the factors that could prevent the latter system from becoming popular.

The first problem is System requirements growthAnd with him comes the second – Strange “condition” for hardware… For example, the “rather powerful” AMD Ryzen 5 1600 is not supported by Windows 11. Meanwhile, its “successor” Ryzen 5 2600, which has minimal differences from its predecessor, is in the list of supported processors.

The third and fourth reasons secondary And the Bugs with bugs… Some users note that the new Windows operating system is not the same as version 11, but rather version 10.1. In turn, every major system update is accompanied by issues that require new patches.

The user called one of the main reasons “Good is the enemy of goodThis means that Windows 10 is a great system that runs fairly stable. Therefore, it is unlikely that the transition to the new version will go so quickly and smoothly – people will prefer to stay on an installed operating system.


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