Anna’s Invention, Teaser Announces Netflix Series Release Date By Shonda Rhimes

After the extraordinary success of BridgetonThe union between Netflix and popular model Shonda Rhimes continues with a new production: This is the mini-series Anna’s creationInspired by the true story of pseudo-heiress Anna Delphi. Today’s Netflix teaser announces the release date of the new ShondaLand series.

Shonda Rhimes is one of the most successful mass-produced brands of our time: da instinct anatomy on the above Bridgeton, Passing through Complete Crime Rules NS scandalShondaLand brand is now a warranty.

2022 will be the year of returns and news for the collaboration between Netflix and Rhimes: In addition to announcing the end of filming for Bridgerton 2, which is expected to debut over the next year, Netflix has released today The first teaser of Anna’s creation, a miniseries based on the case of Anna Delphi, a girl who poses as a German heiress, who manages to deceive several New York high society advocates. The series is inspired by a true story, told by New York magazine with the article “How Anna Delphi fooled revelers in New YorkDi Jessica Pressler.

Plus Anna Delphi (played by Julia Garner) will also star in Vivian, the journalist (played by Anna KlumskyInvestigating the case of the famous legendary heiress on Instagram. Together, they are also part of the Inventing Anna . team Katie Louise (scandal) as Rachel, a follower of Anna, Laverne Cox (Orange is the new black) who plays social media manager Cassie Duke, and finally Alexis Floyd (the bold type) The ambitious director would be Neff.

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With a new teaser, Netflix announces the release date for Inventing Anna that will debut on streamFebruary 11, 2022. Recently, the company released the first images of Inventing Anna.

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