Angela Morey, the visible face of women’s kickboxing in Switzerland

Angela Morey, the visible face of women's kickboxing in Switzerland

She was born in French Switzerland to a Swiss father and a Peruvian mother; Hence this wonderful mixture of European factions is complemented by the friendliness, friendliness and kindness of Latin American, and in this case the Peruvian; Profiles we capture from the first moment Angela Mori welcomed us into her apartment in Lausanne, to giving us an interview we requested for our portal and for VEA magazine in Trujillo, Peru.

To get started, we will provide the first guidelines for the cause and content of this report. Angela Morey is an athlete in kickboxing, a sport she has been practicing for nearly six years, with many goals achieved, such as the Swiss National Women’s Kickboxing Championship in 2018. In this way, Angela has been identified as a leading woman sport in this field, where in its infancy this sporting practice was almost exclusively for men.

“On the first occasions I attended training, they practically ignored me, from the coach himself to the other attendees in the ring, mostly men,” were his first impressions, recalling his beginnings. Currently, Angela is among the first female kickboxers to participate in various international tournaments of this discipline, holding the Helvetic Federation flag.

The athlete’s DNA is inherited from his maternal grandfather Enrique Zagasetta, a Peruvian, of Trujillo, and his mother, Medalette Janet Zagasetta. three of the four brothers, Angela and Lucia in kickboxing and Kane in the triathlon; It is they who continue this athletic path that will surely continue in the future of Mury Zagaceta.

First of all, Angela, I thank you for your willingness to give us this interview, to introduce our Peruvian Latin American community in Switzerland and the people in Peru, especially in Trujillo; about the sport you play.

– Oh no! Thank you for coming from Zurich. It’s so much fun for me.

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Well, how was the beginnings of this sports practice that I developed, kickboxing.

I’ve played sports all my life since I was very young. You’ve reached the kick box

Known by my younger sister. She had back problems and

It is recommended to practice this sport. One time he told me “Come with me” and

I did not like my first impression accompanied; Everything is closed, there was a smell

Disgusting, sweat everywhere, so I left quickly (laughs from

Angela and us, from the interview). But my sister insisted and encouraged me to do so

Go train with them. I decided to go and loved it, and when I do something, I

I do with complete disposition and dedication. Note the coach is enthusiastic and motivating

He gave me more of his time. Little by little I progressed

He once said to me, “Do you want to compete?” And I don’t even know how to answer it right away

“Yes why not?”

In what year was your first competition and in which Swiss city? –

It was 2018 in Basel. It was my first fight, so I had to devote more time to training, practically every day and for many hours. My coach always motivates me and I am totally dedicated to the challenge that lies ahead.

What were the feelings that invaded you the first time you stepped into the ring?

– It was something special. You forget everything, a lot of feelings and at the same time a lot, a lot of focus. In the middle of the ring and the fight, I only heard the voice of my coach, who said to me, “Do this, this, right, right, left”; And I did what he told me and that’s how I won the fight. I participated in other competitions such as in Ticino, and later, in the same year 2018, I was lucky enough to participate in the Swiss national competition, in which I won this cup that you see there (indicating where there is a beautiful cup that is attributed to the national championship Swiss Women Kickboxing 2018).

* And your participation and experience in the Jesolo World Cup in Italy in October

Last year 2021?

– Uh! It was something extraordinary, firstly because I was able to be part of a delegation

Kickboxing of my country. Regarding the development of the tournament itself,

It was and still is a very positive experience. Even though I didn’t succeed in the first rounds, because in the round I was eliminated, I faced nothing less than the Women’s World Kickboxing Champion, it left me with a huge amount of learning, strength, and an unstoppable will to keep moving forward in what I did.

Kickboxing, although it began in the sixties in Japan, and then in the seventies in the United States and Europe, specifically in Switzerland, arrived in the nineties, where Andy Hogg won a world title in 1996; It is a relatively new sport among many sports disciplines, especially in the female field. How did you live on this side?

– Really a little bad. At first they practically ignored us after a while

The women who went to training, from the many men who came to the coaches themselves. Fortunately, these barriers are broken in practically all sports disciplines, which I must assume are very, very useful for the new generations.

· There are many sports that do not have the support of the private sector, such as major sportswear brands or from other sectors that can afford to practice these disciplines at the very least. Kickboxing, and you in particular, do you get support from any private sector?

– not at all. All references to my sports equipment,

displacement and other aspects that require this sports practice; I pay them personally, and combine them with work and other household chores in my daily life.

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From the side of the family?

– It’s the greatest support you can get, not specifically financial, but

The moral is what provides and nurtures the desire and will to continue and achieve the goals you have in mind. From my grandfather Enrique, in Trujillo, my parents and brothers here in Switzerland, the three of us are sports and the other is a musician, which brings a lot of energy and desire to move forward in kickboxing.

Have you been to Peru, especially Trujillo? What is left of the impression of the land of your ancestors.

– Yes, of course I was in Peru, and in Trujillo, in Huanchaco. I enjoyed

very much. They are very friendly, welcoming and cheerful people; Which wowed me so much and kept them very present, they have an incredible gastronomy. What I would like is that government institutions in Peru devote more resources to sports infrastructure, because there are a lot of human resources that are not being used positively.

What are your future goals in kickboxing, of course?

– First, continue the disciplined and dedicated training, subject to

for my daily obligations. Then, always follow the different competitions that will arise in the future, both at the Swiss national level and at the international level.

Good luck Angela Morey, not only in sports, but in all aspects of your private life.

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