An old man lives heading to the morgue in front of the doctors’ amazing gaze

The National Mortuary
Photo EFE

In the middle of a rough wave COVID-19 Plaguing China, an unusual event occurred: a nursing home patient declared dead began to move inside the body bag that took him to the mortuary.

at The video that went viral On social media, he was seen as the medical staff of the corpse car started shouting “He’s alive!” As they unzipped the yellow bag, they moved it.

Both the nursing home and the authorities have apologized for the incident, a situation that has deeply resented across China.

Shanghai, the important port and business center of that country is now in The fifth week A strong local lockdown implemented by the Chinese health authorities, on the order of President Xi Jinping: “There is no Covid.”

Under this measure, harsh lockdowns and quarantines were developed in which citizens were only able to obey before the advancement of law enforcement and health forces that even touch the doors of buildings to prevent people from going outside.

Local authorities indicated that the patient, who is not known whether he was vaccinated or infected with the Covid-19 virus, has already stabilized and is recovering.

This has been the focus of the largest infections in China: 60% of those over 62 years of age have been vaccinated and only 15% of those over the age of 80 have received an antiviral vaccine.

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