An intriguing record: four (!) spectators in the classic Finland-Canada match

These two women made it to the stadium. Photo: cornerstone

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An intriguing record: four (!) spectators in the classic Finland-Canada match

The fans of the World Cup should come to the stadium today. But the mishaps in the Latvian Ministry of Health set an intriguing record: for the World Cup Classic Finland vs Canada, only four tickets were sold by the start of the match.

Where are the viewers? From today, vaccinated and under-recovered people can attend the World Cup in Riga. but the Switzerland play against Great Britain Just like in an empty arena as Finns against Canadians. or almost. “We sold four tickets for the Finland-Canada game,” says Rene Fassel, president of the International Federation of Architecture, the main sponsor of the title matches. He paused for a moment and continued: “Yes, that must be true, I have four fans in the stadium. I can greet everyone with a handshake. This is not possible due to the Covid regulations … »

It would be a touching gesture: the president of the International Federation, the world’s highest hockey official, greets all fans with a handshake at the World Cup classic. A nice gesture that suits the president’s loyalty to the people.

Ah, another person on the field… Photo: cornerstone

The question is: Why only four fans? Rene Vassil explains: “Only those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered are allowed to enter the stadium. If you want to buy a ticket, you first have to download a code from the Ministry of Health. Obviously that only worked an hour and a half before the match. We have no influence on this technical measure. This is a matter of the Ministry of Health. We only sell tickets.”

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He hopes that downloading the code will now work. So that the fans at least have a game of matches – against Latvia Germany – He was allowed to enter the stadium. This game is about reaching the quarter finals.

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These 19 talents should be taken into account in the Ice Hockey World Championships

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