Amazon is available on the Internet in many parts of the world

AGI – Amazon Web Services and Amazon remained inaccessible to a few thousand users. Downdetector reports this. Amazon, for its part, said it has identified the cause and that its technicians are “actively working on recovery,” but did not provide any timing. The e-commerce giant was keen to point out that not all regions of the world have problems.

From the available reports, it appears that the current problems have mainly affected customers on the East Coast of the United States. On Amazon, many users reported very slow pages loading rather than being unable to use the service.

However, services like Amazon’s Ring security cameras, mobile banking app Chime, and robotic vacuum maker iRobot have also encountered issues, according to their social and Twitter profiles. This is Amazon’s third outage this year.

In June, users experienced a brief drop in Amazon platforms, including Alexa and Prime Video. This flaw affected several other companies as well, including Shopify, PayPal, and the CNN newsgroup. In July, the e-commerce giant experienced an outage in its online store service, which lasted nearly two hours and affected at least 40,000 users. The latest problems come as Amazon customers ramp up their Christmas shopping.

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