Amazon holds the keys to thousands of buildings in the United States

Amazon Key for Business was introduced in 2018 (Photo: EFE)
Amazon Key for Business was introduced in 2018 (Photo: EFE)

Amazon Business Key It is a system that allows giant e-commerce service providers to gain access to buildings without having to wait for the door to be opened for them. This option, which the company announced in 2018, has already been installed in thousands of buildings in the United StatesAccording to an agency report Associated Press (AP).

It is clear that it is seeking more: the company is striving for it This service continues to expand That is why they offer free utilities as well $100 gift cards as an incentive.

The service is promoted as way to reduce parcel theft, By making it easier to leave them in lobbies and not next to public entrances to buildings. Amazon benefits by allowing its delivery companies to complete their routes more quickly. The number of stolen packages reduces costs and can give Amazon an edge over its competitors.

Those who have installed the service confirm this Reduces continuous resonance noise by the delivery staff which is an alternative Safer From giving access tokens to multiple people.

The company has already installed the system in thousands of buildings in the United States, although the exact number is unknown. Sometimes you can tell if you have this option because there is a sticker A tour with the Amazon logo next to the bells the system is already installed on.

Amazon Key, a service exclusive to Prime members, includes delivery drivers who leave packages in the trunk of a customer's parked car (Photo:
Amazon Key, a service exclusive to Prime members, includes delivery drivers who leave packages in the trunk of a customer’s parked car (Photo:

This software may raise security and privacy concerns. in this meaning, The company says it is conducting background checks for delivery employees And that only drivers They can access buildings if they have a package to scan with themHowever, tenants may not know which Amazon couriers have access to their premises, as Amazon leaves the decision to notify landlords.

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This was said by Ashkan Soltani, a privacy specialist who was a technology advisor to President Barack Obama Any device connected to the Internet can be hacked, including Amazon, and that malicious individuals may try to open doors. “They’re basically introducing a foreign device that’s connected to the Internet to an internal network,” said Soltani, who was also the chief technology officer of the US Federal Trade Commission. Amazon did not respond to questions about the possibility of hacking, as described in the report from AP.

Currently, only the postal service has a way to enter the premises in order to reach the mailboxes inside. UPS said it tested a way for its drivers to enter buildings without contacting tenants, after partnering with the smart locks company in 2018.But those tests were suspended and UPS did not say why. He explained that customers can decide to leave their packages at stores, laundries or other businesses nearby if they are not at home to collect it.

In 2017, Amazon announced a system for customers to let delivery men into their homes When they weren’t home and left packages in the hallway. Walmart did the same soon after Even his employees put some food in the refrigerator.

The following year, the company targeted buildings with its Key for Business service. Although the service was turned down at one point, the company is now striving to expand it, so it has sent sellers across the country. Last Classified job ads in Miami and San Antonio say salespeople can earn between $3,000 and $11,000 Monthly bonuses and commissions.

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Not all Amazon packages can qualify to go through the main doors. The company delivers 60% of its parcels directly, according to the purchase of data company Rakuten Intelligence. The rest is delivered by other companies that cannot reach the buildings on their own.

This was said by Jason Goldberg, director of business strategy at marketing firm Publicis Communications The device can save Amazon moneyDrivers can deliver more packages during the shift and may have to offer fewer refunds to those with stolen packages.

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