All Ricardo Scamarcio movies on Netflix, from worst to best

9Link (2020) by Domenico Emmanuel de Viodes

Want to do American (horror): But he was born in Italy. Indeed, it is in Puglia, where dark rituals are performed between olive groves and plantations with smile windows (sometimes involuntarily, unfortunately). The intention is there: instead of Papadoc Others, everything has to do with our old evil eye. But the result is more chaos than a “gender” tradition. However, Scamarcio is always credible: if you put him on his land, he is.

8I am not a murderer (2019) by Andrea Zacarello

Another genre, this time caught between the movie noir and the legal thriller. The author’s ambitions are ignored (in the original there is a novel by Francesco Caringela) again, but the plot works its own way, the work continues (albeit there are a lot of phone calls), and the actors are rich: there is also Alessio Boni, Claudia Gerini, Eduardo Pesci, Sarah Filberbaum . Ah, we’re always in Salento: Why change places, when there’s a film commission underneath the house.

7Christmas dinner (2016) by Marco Ponte

The format that wins, does not change. Breath of Puglia, Breath of the Sea: The Sea of ​​Polignano. And the same writer (Luca Bianchini) and director (Marco Ponti), who actually signed – respectively in bookstores and cinema – the former sales and box office number one champion.Or I just love you. The born couple is remade movie with “mocciano” I want you: After the wedding, Scamarcio and Chiati are expecting a baby now. But Trumpets are just around the corner.

6Infidels (2020) by Stefano Mordini

It is a remake of a French movie, but Al Ain is focusing more on episodic comedies along the lines of Dino Rize. The “New Monsters” are Ricardo Scamarcio and Valerio Mastandria, who change masks and human species from history to history but remain serial traitors (and, of course, betray themselves). The prolific theme Stefano Mordini doesn’t always seem to focus on the topic, but it does put in some cult moments: Watch the episode with Laura Chiatti (again), which is overflowing with more than ever.

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5Big dream (2009) by Michel Placido

The The dreamers Without Paris and without Eva Green, it wouldn’t be the passionate, historical mural that she hoped it was. But the way Michel Placido speaks of his youth (by assigning Scamarcio a “roughly” part himself) still brings intense tenderness. Ricardo is determined to get out of step once and for all three meters above the sky What made him an idol that was fashioned as a girl, is the most convincing aspect of the triangle, between the bourgeois Jasmine Trinka and the proletarian Luca Argentero.

4The last heaven (2021) by Rocco Ricciardulli

The latest title arrived on Netflix and was instantly distributed among the most watched. That would be because Scamarcio is now confirmed in the platform, and that will be for An unexpected turn of events Which would be really criminal to damage. In the kitsch system as a whole, (almost) everything works incredibly well: even Gaia Bermani Amaral in clothes (not: in dressmaking) of a police girl from the 1950s. Because yes, we are still in Puglia, between workers and picciotti. A little Ignazio Celoni, a little Honor and respect: but no problem.

3Inexorable (2019) by Renato Di Maria

Ricardo Nostra’s first Netflix movie is Renato Di Maria’s skilled gangster thriller. Who set off to Milan with bullets (sorry) to tell us about a complete criminal education: teaching Santo Russo, from Calabria (miracle!) To town to “drink”. Scamarcio is a wonderful bastard, behind whom are the talented Sarah Sirayoko and Mary-Aang Casta (sister) dying. A specially designed role, like the jumpsuits he plays between shot and drink.

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2Loose cannons (2010) di Ferzan Özpetek

Another step hostile to step, namely: Apulian (but come on) gay who comes in the family, in front of my mom (Lunetta Savino stracult), my dad (Ennio Fantastichini, how much we miss him) and aunt over the top (Elena Sofia Richie). Drama that after and maybe more than Be ignorant, He removed bizarre themes among the great Italian audience, including unforgettable seaside choreography and glamorous mother mélo scenes. The star is reborn (again), this time not only a teenager.

1Ecstasy (2018) by Valeria Julino

It is still a gay role, but with more nuances and full participation by the actor. In the sensitive hands of Valeria Golino, Scamarcio has become Matteo, the man who seems to have everything but is in fact very distressed; From him, his brother decides to hide a terrible news. The duo with Mastandria is great, again, but between the two it was Ricardo who scored the best. It might be the best ever. Award winning.

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