Will Vis a Vis and El Oasis episodes continue with new episodes?

Vis a Vis and the spin-off El Oasis, FOX Spain’s original productions, became one of the most followed series straight after their landing on Netflix.

Among the great supporters There is the talented Najwa Al-Nimri, Was actually seen on La Casa de Papel (The House of Paper). Fans are curious to see if there will be new episodes after the show ends. This is all we know.

Could Vis a Vis and El Oasis have other seasons?

Bad news for the fans. Unfortunately, the series in question will not contain other episodes. This has been confirmed Evan Escobar, the show’s creator, who explained how the end of the fourth installment concluded in a satisfactory way. Narrative arc.

So a fifth season has not yet been determined. The writers decided to expand the world of narration with the spin-off show El Oasis, which ended after only one season. Also in this case the end was closed and left no room for continuation.

In fact, Escobar stated that they could have continued the show very well, but they preferred to give a circular harmony to the story and not be far behind.

This is no continuation, and the fans will have to put their souls in peace while remaining aware of what has been achieved so far. Now those who did not see the two strings can recover them all at once.

Netflix continues, as always, to enrich its original content package. And Spanish TV shows are always among the most followed.

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