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Flood disaster: Help for comrades from the fire departments in the Jamundar district

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Until their departure for Kreuzberg in the flood-ravaged Ahr Valley, Daniel Hussle, Sacha Muki and Marcus Barris collect fire brigade protective clothing, wireless alarms, building dryers and other much-needed devices there.

Thursday 5 August 2021
Ida Eichelbach
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“We are a mixed bag,” Tavero Mayor Marcos Barris said, describing forces currently gathering relief supplies to bring to the fire brigade and catering to the flood-ravaged village of Kreuzberg in the Ahr Valley. On the evening of Saturday and Sunday, three trucks with urgently needed equipment set off in the direction of Kreuzberg. Above all, fire brigades around Schwäbisch Gmünd and companies from the region are involved.

Three assistants talk about how private initiative came about 6. August in Rems.

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