After escaping, they found a sheep with 35 kilograms of wool in a forest in Australia

A sheep was found lost in a forest Australia. But the strange thing, and the fact that the image of that animal was deliberate Barack, He traveled the world, is he was in the wild, and after years without parting, he had a wool of 35 kilograms.

This is an amount of wool equivalent to half the weight of an adult kangaroo, according to Reuters.

Sheep were found in early February near Lansfield in Victoria state, about 60 kilometers north of Melbourne, by a neighbor who showed local farm animal protection organization Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary, according to Kyle Bernd, a member of the expedition, to the aforementioned agency.

The animal was once a farm sheep, but somehow it escaped scurvy in the bush, where it was living a wild life. “Barack’s ears were once marked,” Bernd said, “but it appears that these were completely covered in the wool entwined around his face.”

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Photo: AFP

The same protectionist noted regarding the amount of wool taken from Barak: “Sheep must be sheared at least once a year, otherwise the wool will continue to grow and grow, as happened here.”

After much-needed shearing, Barak’s wool weighed about 35.4 kilograms, which is about 35 to 40 adult jackets.

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“Even though his helmet was in very good shape despite racing on rocks in the woods, it was a bit bad overall. It was very lightweight, and because of all the wool that surrounded her face, she could barely see, she was almost blind, Savior said.

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Bernd said that Barack is now settling down with the other sheep rescued on Edgar’s mission, adding that “This shows how cruel and brave the sheep are. We couldn’t love them more even if we tried.”


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