UAE: Dubai Princess Latifa asks the United Kingdom to reopen the investigation into the kidnapping of her sister

Madrid, 25 (Europe Press)

Princess Latifa bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, the daughter of the Emir of Dubai, asked the UK police to investigate the kidnapping of her older sister Shamsa, who was arrested by order of her father on a Cambridge street more than two years ago.

Shamsa also tried to flee her family in 2000, when she was 18 years old, but after two months she was intercepted and forcibly transported by helicopter to France and from there on a private plane to Dubai. Since then, he has never appeared in public again.

In 2018, his sister Latifa also tried to escape unsuccessfully, in a case that spread around the world and demonstrated the tight control of Prince Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. In his case, he was able to publicly alert him about the confinement in which he lives, despite this through videos that were secretly recorded and sent to his friends.

In 2019, a British judge ruled the abduction of the two young women against their will, and now, in a new letter that the BBC had access to, Latifa asked the British police to re-investigate her sister’s kidnapping until “this is achieved.” Freedom. “

The letter, which was delivered by the princess’s friends to the British authorities, was to be written in 2019 and referred to Shamsa’s “strong ties” with the European country. Marcus Al-Sabri, a cousin of both, confirmed to the BBC that the princesses met again in 2019 and that Latifa later told him: “You won’t get to know her now.”

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Cambridgeshire police began an investigation into the kidnapping in 2001 after Shamsa called an immigration attorney, but investigations were halted after the officers were not given permission to travel to Dubai.

Meanwhile, the royal house is silent, breaking only with a brief statement issued last week in which it asserted that Princess Latifa is “well looked after” and can return to public life “at the appropriate time.” The UN Human Rights Office has requested proof of life.

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