Across Kazakhstan and Australia to blue and white

The Rover is back in Austria: After overseas adventures in Australia and Kazakhstan, Christian Dubras joined FC Blau-Wei Linz’s second-tier football league in the winter. In a 2–0 away win over Austria Lustenau, the 28-year-old not only flashed strong performance, but also provided an assist.

At Vorarlberg, Wolverner was in the starting line-up for coach Ronnie Bronmayr for the first time – a feeling he had missed for a long time. Dubras last appeared on 12 January 2020 with Australian club Melbourne Victory since the start. Even if the class ended in a glorious way for him due to a change of coach, the attacking player says, “Australia was an experience I would do again anytime.”

While talking about his time on “Down Under”, given his subsequent move to Irtysh Pavlodar in Kazakhstan, he was more frightened: “Only when I arrived was I told they would only train on the artificial turf. This is where I was hit in the beginning.” Things got worse: “I didn’t get any money since day one.” Dubras was only able to leave the club after the operation of the International Federation of Football Associations. The five-time Kazakhstan champion is now bankrupt. A ray of hope in these difficult times: Mila’s daughter saw the light of day seven months ago.

After half a year without a club, he wants to recommend himself again for higher assignments at Blau-Wei. “The foreign country is still the goal, I want to play in a higher league again.” Thanks to his quality, he wants to help the Linzers team at the moment: “I’m happy to be here. The team and the coach are great. You never know what’s going to happen.”

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Steyr continues without points

Vorwrts Steyr awaits first point in the spring after a 2–0 defeat at Kapfenberg. “Not a lot is missing,” says coach Andreas Melot. FC Juniors O suffered their first defeat of the spring with a 2–1 victory over Rapid Amateurs.

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