The pixel art adventure is a huge hit on Steam

under shadow Unstoppable success for Valheim A new phenomenon is emerging on Steam. We refer to Hero ring, A Four Quarters’ pixel art adventure that, in Launch Week, managed to jump to the top of the charts on the most-purchased and most played titles by Valve’s PC platform users.

It is officially presented during TGA 2020, Loop Hero draws heavily from Fantasy adventures from the eighties And the graphical experience provided by PC titles at the time tells the story of a lone warrior, armed with a deck of enchanted cards, must face the Lich hordes that manage to throw the world into chaos.

Despite the limitations of the procedural generation system adopted by the developers, Loop Hero is attracting the public’s attention forThe original formula Adopted by Four Quarters that allows a title Gives surprises even after tens of hours of gaming, Thanks to the flawless progression that manages decks, tactics, and equipment for every stage of the adventure.

In the week just ending, the Indie RPG “MS-DOS Style” It was thus able to take second place in the ranking of best-selling games on Steam, with a similar position in the ranking of titles most enjoyed by users of the PC platform, behind the aforementioned Viking sandbox. Valhaim And frontOpen world timeless story. To get a better idea of ​​the gameplay dynamics and the technical approach adopted by Four Quarters, at the top and bottom of the news, you will find the videos and pictures of the Four Quarters launch. Hero ring.

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