WhatsApp Features Undo: Have you used these features in WhatsApp?

Internet office: WhatsApp is constantly updating its features to help users use the messaging app more effectively. It is already known that features such as payments wallpapers, chat history transfer, display and call resignation have been made available to users. Have you seen how these features work..? Let’s learn how to use it..!

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WhatsApp payments feature is available for Indian WhatsApp users. Relatives and friends can send cash to anyone via WhatsApp UPI. WhatsApp has added an extra touch to the payments feature. Themes can be put in the background depending on the context when sending money. For example, if you want to send money for a birthday gift to your friend.. Birthday themes can be sent in the background. WhatsApp claims that Payments Backgrounds feature is very useful in conveying personal feelings.
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Data transfer

It allows users to easily transfer chat data from an iOS device to an Android device. In the past, chat data could be moved from one device to another using third-party apps or backed up in the cloud, downloaded, and transferred to a new device. This can sometimes lead to data leakage or deletion. As an alternative, WhatsApp introduced the feature of transferring chat history. This feature is currently only available to a few users. Soon for all users.
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One-time viewing feature .. as well as the resignation of calls

* Send secret and personal photos and videos to anyone who wants them. Otherwise, it should not be opened more often. WhatsApp brought View Ones feature to these people. The receiver can only see the photos and videos you send once. Then everything will disappear. Bhalegundi kadu this feature ‌..and you try asari… Click for full information

* Likewise, your friends and relatives made a group video call with you.. You could not call because you were busy at that time. However, with the new feature provided by WhatsApp, you can join any video call at any time. If the conference call continues when you open WhatsApp after a while, you will see two options on the screen, Join and Ignore. You can join them in a group call by clicking Join. Learn more about group video calls

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