A US Army veterinarian says it was used as ‘propaganda’ in anti-Trump ‘propaganda’

Exclusive: A wounded veteran in the United States speaks against using his image across all social media platforms to perpetuate a story he believes is false and invented before. Democrats For political gain.

“I’m so upset that they put my picture there because now it looks like the president called me a loser.” Bobby Heinlin, a former Iraq War fighter on four rounds, told Fox News, referring to comments the president alleged made about wounded veterans. “And they use that to sell something they believe in to their agenda. It’s not fair to put us in. [veterans] Like struts in the middle of it all, “

last week, Atlantic Ocean Publication of a story in which anonymous sources claim that President Trump made insulting remarks about the fall of US soldiers ancient warrior, Calling them “suckers” and “losers” in 2018.

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Henline is the only survivor of five soldiers in an IED explosion in Iraq. He now dedicates his time to spreading laughter through comedy and positivity by talking about veterans’ issues. As a highly recognized figure, it was brought to his attention last week that his photo was used in anti-Trump memes posted and shared by several left-wing social media groups. Quickly took over Instagram To criticize those who use it in order to spread their own “propaganda”.

After never commenting on the Atlantic story or Trump’s supposed remarks about veterans, Heinline was outraged that he was using it as a “prop” to help the Democratic Party demolish Donald Trump to help their candidate, Joe Biden, get elected.

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Henline said, “Follow up what you have with the facts. If you don’t have the strength to win your perks, and you have to defeat your opponent, then there is a problem there.”

Trump thanks aide John Kelly, who refused to hear the president call the Marines lose the fall

The original story published by The Atlantic cited four anonymous sources who claim to have first-hand knowledge of the discussion in which Trump made the controversial comments. Since then, a number of people who put themselves in the room during the reported conversation, including former US National Security Adviser John Bolton, who has a tough past with Trump, have come forward to deny that the president had made the derogatory remarks. Henline said he believes the story is false.

Henline said, “I really think the president didn’t say this. There were anonymous sources and other sources in the room who were not necessarily friends of the president or believed in his methods, but they still wouldn’t criticize and fabricate this rumor and keep it spreading. However, I don’t think he really said this.” .

Although many question the veracity of the story, Henline believes it was successful in its intention to turn veterans against the president.

“They took that well-known picture and used it in their agenda and changing the minds of veterans, and they thought the president was talking to them that way is ridiculous. And I think it worked. That’s why I want to remove it because it shouldn’t work. People need to hear the truth. This is my picture,” Heinleen said. Nor should there be speaking on my behalf, “

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The stand-up comedian was quick to go after accounts that posted these anti-Trump memes using his photos, and while he managed to remove some of them, more kept coming.

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