A survey reveals that the taste of digital technology is declining in Switzerland

The use of video calling peaked in 2021, but it appears to be down a bit now. Keystone / Anthony Annex

The digitization trend in Switzerland appears to be slowing, according to a new study.

This content was published on Apr 20, 2022 – 12:10


About 50% of respondents this year said they have used flow10% less than last year.

The study authors noted that “a certain fatigue was observed in the daily use of digital products and services.” studyExternal link This Wednesday.

The number is still 13% higher than previous data for the COVID pandemic, according to the survey conducted by the Sotomo Research Institute on behalf of Sanitas Health Insurance.

However, the survey reveals that social networks, video calling or smart home technologies are being used less than during the pandemic.

However, the study also revealed that the attitude toward monitoring and sharing of health-related data has become more positive. Nearly nine out of ten people can already imagine sharing their health data in digital form with their GP.


On the other hand, the conviction is growing that digitization will lead to greater disparity in economic life, and that the gap between winners and losers will widen.

Other findings from the survey show that solidarity between healthy and sick people, and between older and younger generations, has been strengthened during the pandemic.

The online survey – the fifth of its kind since 2018 – is based on responses from 2,450 respondents. It was done in January.

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