A new way to move snakes has been discovered and this is especially scary

Not many people claim to be a fan of snakes on their own. However, if they move in any way other than a snake, you can faint quickly. Scientists are making an exciting discovery in this regard.

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Experts are discovering new ways to move snakes and this method is especially scary!

Snakes instill fear, or at least great respect, in many people. This definitely has a lot to do with the way they look – even a reptile if they have two heads like this dangerous snake – and how they move. But they can do more than long slalom.

You can move sideways, swim on the water, jump, and slide between trees. But now the scientists are coming in: Inland is an entirely new way of locomotion for these reptiles: it looks like they can climb like a lasso.

The snake can swing up the tree like a lasso

How is that and how do you imagine it? Researchers at Colorado State University and the University of Cincinnati made this discovery out loud by chance Sciencemag.

You are actually doing research on a species of bird native to Guam, an American suburb of Micronesia, but whose existence is threatened by snakes.

They set up metal cylinders to prevent snakes and raccoons from climbing into bird boxes. This works well at first, until suddenly a snake finds a way to bypass the cylinders. Researchers can hardly believe what they’re watching on camera, like them HuffPost Reports:

Then suddenly we saw how the snake formed something like a lasso around the drum and rotated its body upwards. We watched this part of the video about 15 times. It was a shock. Nothing I’ve seen compares to it.

What kind of snake is this?

It is a brown nocturnal tree snake, native to Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and several Pacific islands.

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It’s been around on Guam since the 1940s and 1950s, when it was accidentally introduced. However, in many ecosystems, this leads to the extinction of other animal species.

For example, bringing snakes to Hawaii is illegal. Fortunately, this man directly reported the snake to the authorities when it arrived in Hawaii.

The new discovery that a nocturnal tree snake can hurl itself into a tree like a lasso shows not only how diverse the movement patterns snakes can have, but it also helps the research team build appropriate barriers to protect the birds. So you prefer not to put this snake in your bed or meet it in the toilet …

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