A new room has been officially handed over to the Mils kids

Bei der offiziellen Übergabe: v. l. GR Daniela Kampfl, LR Beate Palfrader, BM Peter Hanser und Kindergarten-Leiterin Marion Steiger.

© Zimmermann

Mils – for Peter Hanser – whose successor will be decided on May 11 – this was the last significant date for Mils mayor: in the presence of education advisor Beate Palfrader, the expanded and renovated Heide Kindergarten in Brunn-Holzstrasse was officially handed over yesterday.

The project, which was controversially discussed in the municipal council and implemented by Imobao, included the construction of two additional group rooms, an extension in the basement (two exercise rooms that could also be used by sports clubs), the renovation of the existing group rooms, the expansion of the kitchen and lunch, the creation of a family or a redesign. The park with a play area.

The total costs amount to 1.3 million euros, with total funding of 1.04 million euros from the federal and state governments. A fourth kindergarten group will be operational on site from autumn. (TT)

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