A Las Vegas woman travels to Australia to meet her first date on Tinder

Later that month, her partner asked her if he could take her to Australia to finally meet her in person.

Photo: Lars Nissen/Pixabay

Falling in love with a handsome man with a wonderful foreign accent is what some women dream of.

Check out this fantasy for the woman who detailed everything Her love story that started on Tinder and took her to Australiavia TikTok.

“I think I basically won when it comes to first dates,” he said TikToker, called Chasity Hobbs, at the beginning of your video.

“I was in Vegas at the time and had hooked up with this guy on Tinder,” he recalls.

“He was from Australia, so now, extra points from the cake. Like that accent.”

Unfortunately, he left the day after Chasity arrived, but they kept talking almost every day for a month.

Later that month, her partner asked her if he could take her to Australia to finally meet her in person.

“Two weeks later, I was on a trip to meet this guy I had never met before,” Chestiti explained, adding that he had never left the country before.

When he arrived, I immediately fell in love with him and was drawn to his polite manners; He even asked if he had permission to kiss her.

Then she talked about how he planned her party for her every day while she visited and made sure to incorporate the things she loves into every outing.

“So he took me to an animal sanctuary where I came to want to hold a koala, he took me to this restaurant which he knew had my favorite food, to this amusement park, because I like rollercoasters and thrills and things like that,” Hobbs said.

“Then last night he booked this restaurant on top of a mountain overlooking the city and when I told them I fell in love with this guy, I fell in love,” he smiled.

Just when viewers began to wonder what happened to the continental couple, Chastity revealed that their story ended in the most beautiful way.

“So I just wanted to make this video so they know there are guys out there who are listening and planning things and taking the initiative and giving them everything they deserve,” he said.

“Oh yeah, and we’ve been happily married for four years.”

Now, Chastity is a travel vlogger and content creator who shares her experiences and memories with her husband on social media.

As one fan put it perfectly: “Cice, it’s not a date, it’s a Christmas special on Netflix…congrats.”

While many Tinder horror stories have circulated, it’s certainly comforting to hear one that ended happily after the end.

The couple have been married for four years and travel the world.

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