A chilling statement from Germany: We are heading towards an emergency like never before – Last Minute World News

At the press conference in Berlin, Seibert shared the information that Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed the serious situation of the epidemic with the leaders of the parties that will form the new government in the country yesterday.

The situation is tragic, Seibert said, “We’re heading toward an emergency that we haven’t seen in this country. Hospitals are filling up fast. The current beds and intensive care are dwindling.” She said.

Seibert noted that serious Covid-19 patients had to be placed in remote areas, and emergency surgeries were also postponed.

Stressing the need to do everything necessary to break the fourth wave of the epidemic and limit the rapid spread of the virus, Seibert explained that nearly 4 thousand patients with Covid-19 are in intensive care, and more than half of them are connected to a device. Ventilator.

Heik Werner, Minister of Health for the state of Thuringia, where hospitals are at the limit of their capacity, announced in the state parliament that 14 patients will be transferred to states located in the north of the country.

Other patients will follow up, Werner said, “I hope that hospitals in Hamburg, Bremen, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein will continue to accept these patients in the future.” She said.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of State, it was indicated that not only COVID-19 patients, but also those in intensive care with other diseases can be transferred to hospitals outside the country, and the method of their transportation will be evaluated according to the distance. Helicopters will probably be used.

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