80 Finnish fans test positive for covid-19 after the European Championships

Helsinki /

The Finnish health authorities discovered 80 positive for covid-19 among Finnish fans that were tested at the border upon their return from St. Petersburg, where The Scandinavian country played its last European Championship match against Belgium on Monday.

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) cautioned that these data are preliminary and lThe real number of infections could increase, so fans who have traveled to Russia are asked to avoid social contacts A second PCR test is performed 72 hours later.

The COVID-19 pandemic in Russia worsened very quickly in June. Saint Petersburg has a cumulative incidence of 240, while Finland has a cumulative incidence of 19So the risk of infection in Saint Petersburg is clearly higher than in Finland,” THL warned in a statement.

Last Tuesday, soon 3,000 Finnish fans had to queue at the border with Russia for more than three hours AcrossFor a PCR test, with temperatures up to 30 degrees.

Finally, the health authorities At least 800 fans were allowed to enter the country without taking the test In the absence of means, they fear an increase in the number of infections coming from Russia.

finnish national team, Already excluded from the European Cup, he participated for the first time in history In the final stage of a major tournament, which sparked a real “boom” of football in the Scandinavian country.

Even more after His minimal victory in his first appearance in Europe against Denmark, which gave local fans hope to achieve Achieving the round of 16A goal he could not finally reach after losing to Russia and Belgium.

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However, the “royal owls” did a good job, especially in defense, and They achieved the acclaimed third place in Group B by defeating Russia in the table.


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