Participation of Completo Spain in the KICs of Switzerland, Poland and France

The Full international competition مسابقة Travel for the weekend to Avenches (Switzerland), Stryzgom (Poland) and Bazoug-in-Bareds (France), where our Spanish riders will compete.

In Avanch, Gonzalo Blasco Botín with “SIJ Veux D’Autize” is part of the CCI4*S roster and will also do so with “Lightstream” at CCI3*S, where Antonio Cejudo will also be with “Duque HSM” and “Gallega HSM” and Albert Hermoso with “Carat 32.53%” and María Pinedo with “Carriem van Colen Z”.

It will be a competition full of passion, in which our team will have to measure themselves against several leading personalities in this discipline, from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Sweden.

On the other hand, another international event is being held in Strezgom (Poland), where it will be Esteban Benítez with “Milana 23”, David Gómez with Cassiena and Paula Urquiza with “Han Solo” at CCIO4 *.

At CCI2*L, we’ll see Esteban Benítez again with “Escara 17” and with “Utrera AA” at CCI3*L, while Noel Santoalla and “Aslanhi” attend the CCI1* introduction.

International equestrian weekend activity in this discipline complements the French invitation to Bazoges en Pareds, where we will be able to see Antonio Delgado, Matthew Isser, Ines Godino and Maria Gumilla at CCI3*L and David Becerra at CCI3*S to Teodoro Durante, Judith Moli, Pablo Santana and Alejandra Herrero and Aria Cobos and Carlotta Luzon at CCI2*L,

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