8 Secret WhatsApp Features No One Knows

messages disappear

Messages that live a few seconds after opening is a feature of almost all modern instant messengers. But few people know that there is such a function in Votsap. To send a disappearing message to your interlocutor, just hold down the icon with his name in the chat, select the “Messages” option and activate the “Temporary Messages” function. After that, self-destructing messages will become available to send, which will be deleted from the chat after reading.

Message read report

When the interlocutor opens the sent message, it is marked with two blue check marks, to indicate the sender. To prevent the sender from knowing if the message was delivered, you can turn this feature off. The first and easiest method is the main application settings. Open Whatsapp and find the Settings section. Next, you have to go to “Account” and choose “Privacy”. It has a “Read Reports” option, which can be disabled for privacy. The main and perhaps the only drawback of this method is that it works both ways. The sender will also not be able to see read receipts from other users.

The second method is only available for Android and cannot be applied to iOS. To hide read receipts, just install a special gadget on your desktop. These tools are available in PlayMarket – a small 4 x 2 cm window will allow you to view all the dialogues and conversations without actually opening them. In new versions of the tool, some messages can be deleted from WhatsApp directly from the home screen.

How to read someone else’s messages without reading them

If the interlocutor sent several messages that you need to read incognito, do not rush to open them in the phone. First, try to turn off the Internet – all messages will be saved to the cache, and the lack of connection will not send a read report to the interlocutor. To avoid sending a report to your interlocutor after turning on the mobile network, you need to open the dialog menu. To do this, hold down the chat on the main screen and wait a second – after that the option to “Mark as unread” will appear. You can restart the Internet – the interlocutor will not suspect anything.

Hide contact photos in Votsap

As for the profile picture, you can be subject not only to account deletion, but also to the court if the picture posted on the avatar violates the laws of any country. To avoid unnecessary problems, you can simply hide it from strangers. To do this, go to the application settings and open the “Account” – “Privacy” section, and go to the “Profile photo” item. By default, the profile picture is visible to everyone, but the setting can be changed to “Nobody” or “My Contacts” – in the latter case, only friends will see the avatar, but for security reasons it is better to hide it from everyone.

Geolocation sharing

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With this function, WhatsApp can send the current location to the interlocutor. To share your location, open the dialog and click the Add Content button, as if you were uploading a photo or file. Next, in the list, you need to select the type of data that will be sent, but not a photo or video, but the location. The function itself is available not only to individual interlocutors, but to the entire chat.

How to read deleted messages in WhatsApp

It is impossible to call a full working method for reading deleted messages – there are only two methods that work only on Android. The first is to configure the notification history through a special widget. The WhatsApp tool on Android has an interesting feature – notification recording. It can be enabled in the display settings. After activation, it will be able to record the text of all messages, even those that were sent first and then deleted. If the tool does not work, then there is an easier way – download third-party software from PlayMarket. WhatsRemoved + installs “above” the messenger and requests access to messages and contacts. Next, you need to allow access to notifications and configure the programs that WhatsRemoved + will study. The list includes Instagram, Facebook, and many other popular programs. Whether this method of reading messages is considered safe is not known, so before installing it, it is worth thinking several times whether it is very important to read deleted messages from other users.

How to hide the date of the last visit

Inside Votsap there is a possibility to hide information about the last visit. To configure this feature, open Settings and go to Account. Next, you need to go to “Privacy” and disable the “Was(s)” function. This option can be configured for all contacts and conversations, or applied selectively so that some people do not see when the user entered the application.

Play the audio before sending

To listen to the recording, before the audio ends, simply close the app with a swipe while pressing the record button. If you publish the app again, you can find that the message has survived and gone nowhere – and you can listen to it, delete it, and write on it if necessary.

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