5 ways to get rid of negative energy in your home

You know that feeling when you enter the room and there is a heavier atmosphere. An invisible cloud is ready to flatten you and not see you. It might just be fatigue, you might not be in the mood, you might have a hangover, and you might have accidentally brought negative particles with you.

If the wrong ions are in the room, it can cause several things: you might have a headache, be tired, sleep a bad night, feel uncomfortable at home, get impatient, or even find it hard to relax.

You can restore harmony in your home by using the four elements: water, fire, earth and air. You can choose one, several, or all at once.


Sage is a dry leaf that burns on one side of a bunch. It emits a strong aroma that burns for some time, not like a candle, but like incense. Place the sage on a tray and hold the group on it with the tip angled down. Then go from top to bottom (that is, from the attic to the basement) toward an open window or door to remove negative energy from your home. Leave the burning sage along the walls of each room and pay special attention to the corners, because these are the places where you want the negative energies to disappear. Also, think in advance about the intention with which you clean the room, and make positive thoughts or desires.

Florida water

“Florida water” is traditionally used in Peru and other South American countries. Water is said to have both spiritual and energetic powers and thus it works perfectly to cleanse an area of ​​any negative energies. Put the special water in a bottle and spray it in the room you want to clean. Do you have a lot? You can also use it to clean crystals.


You can also clean the spaces with your crystals. They have special powers due to the energies of each stone. For cleaning a house or room, for example, a lilac amethyst is suitable. The stone has a protective and purifying effect. A group of crystals (Earth element) in a prominent place is not only a beautiful decoration but also brings new energy to your home.


Dim the lights and get four candles. Spread them around the room and light the candles one by one. Start at the front door and take the first room with the candle on your left. You can just leave it on for as long as you want, relax on the couch and read a good book, for example.


Incense is a state of love or hate. This special fragrance cleans your home by using it in the same way as sage. Go to the room with incense to clean the rooms. Remember that you can try many fragrances until you find one you like.

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