49ers traded Kwon Alexander to the New Orleans Saints

SANTA CLARA – Linebacker Kwon Alexander Season 1/2, laden with injuries, and overpaid terms with the 49ers ended.

A source in the league confirmed on Monday that the 49-team is dealing with Alexander against the New Orleans Saints team. The somewhat surprising move comes a day before the NFL trading deadline and less than two weeks before NFC rivals meet at Superdome with potential playoff repercussions.

In contrast, the 49 players are Los Gatos residents, Keiko Alonso (a susceptible full-back, himself) and a conditional pick for the fifth round, according to NFL.

Both full-backs must clear the COVID-19 protocol and physical exams before the deal can be approved next week, so the 49ers won’t officially confirm it until then.

The career of the 49 Alexander will drop as an expensive mistake from Free Agency for 2019. However, members of the 49-year-old can turn positive in terms of a preemptive hit on next year’s payroll, and they can designate Dre Greenlaw as the long-term owner of Fred Warner as this contract’s version of Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman.

Plus, Alexander’s influence on last year’s small locker room will be welcomed in retrospect. He had done enough plays early in his forty-ninth term that cemented his credibility, and he had so much bravado that Nick Bossa said before the qualifiers that Alexander was “probably the best player in our team. He’s the energy of all time”.

Alexander has missed the past three matches due to an ankle injury, although he returned to training last week. He had a torn chest a year earlier in a Halloween win in Arizona and missed the last eight matches of the regular season. He returned to the 49-man playoffs, although he was a strong full-back on the side while Dre Greenlow remained a weak fullback.

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Alonso, a native of Los Gatos, emerges from a torn ACL from last season’s qualifiers, and although he did not play this season, the Saints activated the playoff window two weeks ago.

Alonso, 30, overcame multiple knee injuries in a career that has now taken him to five teams, starting with the Buffalo Bills (2014-15), the Philadelphia Eagles (2016), Miami Dolphin (2017-18) and the Saints (2019-20)). He’s making $ 1.7 million in base salary this year and is set to become a free agent next spring.

Alonso has traded with every team gold since Biles drafted it with his pick from the second round of Oregon. Attended Los Gatos Hi, a neighboring competitor to Saratoga High, attended 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan as a freshman in 1994-95.

The 49 players signed a contract with Alexander as a free agent last year, luring him into a massive (four-year, $ 54 million) contract as he knocked out a torn ACL in his fourth and final season with the Tampa Bay pirates.

Alexander restructured that contract last November, and even though he earned $ 5 million in base salary this year, he likely would have cut after the season rather than charging $ 12.6 million in each of the next two seasons. According to overthecap.com, the 49th category will be charged $ 6.9 million off next year’s salary cap.

His biggest influence came with the 49 Players as Voice Leader, and he sold jerseys last season celebrating the “Hot Boyzz” full-back title.

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Suddenly several players interacted on Twitter on trade news on Monday, including Jerick McKinnon’s “Wtf”, whose safe was next to Alexander.

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