4 themes that will change the interface of Xiaomi smartphones

This article is written for Xiaomi / Redmi / POCO device owners who want to radically change the lock screen and control center widgets of their smartphone. For the correct application of the specified customization package, it is necessary in some cases to change the region to India (in the last topics of the day – to Italy). Transportation instructions explained here.

one project

‘Project One’ with colorful wallpaper intertwining tones of red, yellow and purple with a hint of fuchsia is beautiful in any light.

These themes will completely redesign your Xiaomi / Redmi / POCO phone

The theme rearranges the notification bar and toolbar, brings a different design with multiple shortcuts to the clock widget.

The customization pack combines a classic look with unbridled fun. You can join the masterpiece here: http://zhuti.xiaomi.com/detail/b0d26afc-8b0c-4e8a-ace0-edb90598dde5.

Deep Purple

The second theme in today’s collection includes a stylish dark icon pack with a customizable lock pattern, evoking an aura of relaxation with a wide night panorama under the eyes of a young man at the bottom of the screen.

These themes will completely redesign your Xiaomi / Redmi / POCO phone

The icons have a dark background to give them a more elegant look. The clock and weather widgets on the home screen have been changed slightly. The predominant colors are purple and dark blue.

Download Link: http://zhuti.xiaomi.com/detail/86e6b614-45a3-4990-af24-e527d118e201.

MIUI Island

In third place we have Island MIUI, a simple and attractive theme available for devices with MIUI 11 and optionally for smartphones with MIUI 12. Wallpapers “send” the owner of the phone on a yacht in the ocean.

These themes will completely redesign your Xiaomi / Redmi / POCO phone

The design of MIUI Islands is very simple in both the toolbar and icons. Although the dominant tone is blue, the theme also brings a subtle bluish tint to white for the settings screens, messages, and keyboards.

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You can change the harsh weekdays of December to the beauty of the ocean in http://zhuti.xiaomi.com/detail/9ae56dd7-382e-4cb7-a645-b07d1e3f3694.

Zain Bloor Linoy

The last topic from today’s collection is called Zen Bluer Lineui. Its main features are an elegant black background with blue details that give it a simple and futuristic style.

These themes will completely redesign your Xiaomi / Redmi / POCO phone

Another aspect to note is the radical redesign of the toolbar and other device screens. To test this theme, you have to go to http://zhuti.xiaomi.com/detail/50fb7bc7-69d8-4e61-812f-e795c1ffa028 And before installation, change the device region to “Italy”

Transportation instructions are given at the beginning of the set. After applying the theme for the first time, you can easily return to your original area.

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