3 Movies To Watch On Netflix For A Night On The Couch

It’s hard to find an inspiring movie every night, especially given the wide options that Netflix has to offer. But the search is over. Here are 3 movies to watch on Netflix for an evening out on the sofa.


This movie focuses on the music world and the lights and shadows of the stage. The protagonist is a boy who has gained access to one of the most prestigious music schools in New York. His name is Andrew and he plays the drums. While he was studying, he was noticed by Terence Fletcher, a music teacher and member of a famous band. Andrew will embark on a journey of musical and personal growth as the teacher figure becomes increasingly authoritarian.

It is considered one of the best music of the past decade, injury She won three Oscars and one Golden Globe.

Almost friends

French production film, Almost friends It’s a great current movie. It tells the story of Idris, a young black man who sees his fortune shifting after years of recklessness and trials in prison. In fact, Philip is a billionaire hemiplegia, Decides to appoint him as assistant. The terms of the clash between the two worlds are not overlooked. Idris, angry, outspoken confronts Philip, is the product of an elegant and bourgeois society. However, despite the differences, the two would learn to be the best two teams from the other side. Almost friends He manages to tackle difficult issues, but still maintains the spotlight, thanks to shrewd jokes and illustrious actors.

Unzip Django restrictions

Another absolutely unmissable movie on this list is Unzip Django restrictions. From Quentin Tarantino’s direction comes a feature film that won two Oscars and 2 Golden Globes.

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The protagonist is Django, a slave on the plantations of the southern United States. His only goal is to find his wife, and sell her to anyone who knows any wealthy family. Unexpectedly, however, Django was released by bounty hunter Schultz’s dentist. The two search for Django’s wife, while finding himself for the first time in the guise of a free man, and they fit him perfectly! Django plays the adorable Jimmy Fox, surrounded by Christoph Waltz as Dr. Schultz and Leonardo DiCaprio. The latter has the role of the owner of Django’s wife.

So here’s the dilemma 3 movies to watch on Netflix could be for an evening on the sofa.

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