Season 2 of the Netflix series is in production, it’s official

mysterious Enjoy record success on Netflixand finally Riot Games confirmed the season 2 From the show, which is already in development, and therefore will hit the platform within the next few months.

For those who are skeptical about a possible debut on Netflix also in Season 2, the streaming company responded to the announcement by clarifying almost any bewilderment, so subscribers can sleep in peace.

restore history we NS jinx, as well as evolution ZONE NS BeltofferThe show managed to win the hearts of fans who live in the universe League of Legends and its lore, but also to beat those who haven’t actually played the main business of Riot Games. For all the details on the Easter egg, episode spoilers and our opinions on the show, we’d take the opportunity to refer you to our dedicated page.

Below you can see the very short teaser posted by the company below in the official Tweet of the account mysterious.

Avoid any potential spoilers at the end season 1 from mysteriousWe’d like to specify that at the moment we have no idea what Season 2 could be. Indeed, it is possible that the companies decide to continue the narrative where they left off completely with the epilogue, but it cannot be ruled out that this second season traces other events set in the same universe, albeit for the time being. We have no evidence or data to this effect.

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We are looking forward to news from the company, which, having achieved a huge success in the first season, will certainly have the opportunity to focus on this second production, which after the excellent appearance of the animation will be able to Expand even more than the events of this wonderful universe. Before you leave, we take the opportunity to refer you to our full review of Season 1, which you can access through the following link.

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