Zone League Preview: There are three scenarios in the room

District League 3: There are three scenarios ahead of the FC Worpswede duel on TV Sottrum. Either place in the Sottrumer outdoor pool specially equipped so you can play there on Sundays. Or the game is played on the artificial turf pitch of VfL Sittensen. If both don’t work, clubs have already considered exchanging the rights to the house, as Worpswede coach Gerd Botgret revealed. The background is that the Sottrumers still have four games to catch up, and so they totally want to play – and they have to. Since it’s 5th in the table, everything is still possible for TV, up and down, so each of the remaining 4 games counts. At FC Worpswede, you’ll be ready either way. The 1-0 win at the top against Reed gave an extra boost, with additional substitutes available for Enos Bourai Toure and Azad Kurnaz. “On a personal level, things are looking fine,” said Gerd Petgret, who was able to train with a “full squad” on Tuesday and only had to complain about a minor player injury to Philip Gherkin.

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