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The Walking Dead painted the harrowing picture of a zombie-ridden USA for eleven seasons. Now the evidence reveals what the situation looks like in the rest of the world.

The Walking Dead has been with us for eleven years and many chapters. But while the series depicts the pandemic from the perspective of the United States of America, the question of how things are going on other continents has so far remained unanswered. A question “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” now knows how to answer.

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Nebraska, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta: All these places, succumbing to the decay of civilization, have become fans of zombies with “The Walking Dead” and the spin-offs “Fear The Walking Dead” and “The Walking Dead: World Beyond “pretend. The latest series also provides an indication of how the zombie apocalypse is affecting outside the United States.

Because at the start of Season 2, Lieutenant Elizabeth Koplick (Julia Ormond) tells her new recruit Hope Bennett (Alexa Mansur) that they’ve been in this new world for ten years and that corpses roam the entire North American continent — as far as their faction, the Civil Army of the Republic, can rule. to the rest of the countries on the planet. According to her statement, the survivors from other countries have not been contacted for a long time.

In addition to “Fear The Walking Dead” and “The Walking Dead: World Beyond”, more spin-offs of “The Walking Dead” are planned, which could shed light on the situation in other countries. Our video tells you which products are still planned.

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The state of the world outside the United States

With advanced infrastructure, helicopters, audio equipment, and scientific laboratories, the Civic Republic Army is perhaps the most advanced faction in the “The Walking Dead” universe series to date. If survivors from another country were provided with this money, they would. You are most likely already in contact with the military group from “The Walking Dead: World Beyond”.

The exciting thing for the future is whether the series will eventually send its characters across the borders of America. In “Fear The Walking Dead” there was actually a short trip across the US border into Mexico, where the situation doesn’t seem to be much better than in the US. Among the comics “The Walking Dead” there is also a spin-off that deals with the horrific situation in Spain. It will also be interesting for the series to find out what is happening in Europe or eastern countries. Because since Dr. Jenner (Noah Emmerich) noted by commenting at the end of the first season of “The Walking Dead” that the last point of contact with France had been disrupted, and there were no indications of the situation in other countries. It remains to be seen if the future of the series reveals more about the world order of “The Walking Dead.”

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