Zerocalcare is telling us about its animated series on Netflix

The cartoonist tells us that “it won’t be shown in a week but even in a year. ‘Na via de mezzo’.”

Since the first series of Zerocal Care for every Netflix authorized Cut along the edges It immediately sparked a lot of curiosity. Now, six months after this announcement, the cartoonist – in the registry Michel Rich – He wanted to reassure fans by remembering that the series exists and that he is “working hard” on it. He did so by posting schedules in full Zerocalcare style on social media, with Netflix portraying – of course – as the epic eye of Sauron. The author tells us that the series “will not be released in a week, but even in a year.” Na Via de Mizu.” In short, we have to wait a little longer.

Tearing Along the Edges: What we know about the Zerocalcare animated series

Produced by Movimenti Production in collaboration with BAO Publishing, Strappare Along the Edges is Zerocalcare’s first animated series and will be set in the world of the well-known narrative author, where there will be no shortage of cult characters such as Secco, Sarah, Amico Cinghiale and the iconic armadillo, whose voice will be from Valerio Masandria. “I’ve been around animation for a long time, even having a lot of fun experiences, doing it all myself,” Zerocalcare said in a statement marking the series’ announcement. “At the same time, I wanted to raise the bar, exploiting more of the video media in terms of direction and movement, while maintaining my language and themes and still being in complete control of the story. In that sense, Netflix put me in a position to work in a way that brings all the plans together. : The absolute freedom in content and languages, and the ability to collaborate with people more capable than me, to tell a story on a platform that is now accessible to almost everyone. The series brings out the world still more or less as we know it.” Below you see a file Trailer teaser From Cut along the edges Previously released by Netflix.

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