Belgium bans British travelers from entering due to some form of Covid-19 virus

Belgium Passengers who are not nationals of any country will be prohibited from entering European Union From the United Kingdom and from other countries, including seven Latin American countries, in an effort to limit the spread of a different type of coronavirus.

The United kingdom s Georgia The government stated that they are the only two countries in Europe that appeared on the list of 27 countries affected by this closure of the Belgian borders, which will come into effect on June 27 at the latest.

The list also includes Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Boswana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Jordan, Qatar, Nepal, Trinidad and Tobago, Bangladesh, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Eswatini (Swaziland). ), Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique, Suriname and Pakistan.

Health Secretary Frank Vandenbroek’s spokesman said the UK was on the list.

Belgium concerned about the delta variableWhich originated in India and caused an increase in cases of Covid-19 virus in British soil, forcing the lifting of the last restrictions that was scheduled for June 21 in England to be your own calendar).

The Belgian measures have already been applied to South Africa, India and Brazil.

With the new measures, only EU citizens and Belgian residents coming from the countries on the list will be able to enter Belgium, but they will have to comply with strict quarantine rules and undergo screening tests.

The government says exceptions will be made only for diplomats on essential missions and transport personnel.

The delta variant accounts for 6.1 percent of infections in Belgium, according to the latest statistics, but some studies estimate the true percentage is higher.

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Even before the measures announced on Saturday came into effect, travelers from the UK had to justify the urgency of their trip in order to enter Belgium.


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