YouTube crashes worldwide, but it’s now fixed

YouTube has recovered from an apparently worldwide outage that prevented the videos from uploading for nearly an hour. During the interruption, a lot edge Staff were unable to view the videos, and YouTube confirmed At 7:23 PM ET that something was going on:

The issue appears to affect other services that use the YouTube infrastructure as well, including YouTube TV and the movies and TV shows that you buy via Google TV (formerly known as Google Play Movies & TV). We could not download them.

Early on in the drop, YouTube itself seemed to load fine, but the videos themselves would be constantly popping up the loading wheel. One edge The employee got a video to upload after about a minute. Starting at 8:00 PM ET, we saw error screens like these when we tried to watch a video:

YouTube error message.

At 9:13 PM ET, YouTube has given all the clear:

It looks like things are back early 8:30 PM ET, but you may have run into some quirks. At that point, the videos played on YouTube seemed to work as well as they normally would. On the mobile app, one edge The employee has seen some error messages, but they will clear with the update. YouTube TV work on mobile phone for another edge An employee at that point after he forcibly closed the app.

DownDetector showed a really overwhelming number of user reports of problems with YouTube, indicating that the issue was rife – DownDetector diagram It peaked with more than 280,000 user reports in under an hour. Several users on Twitter reported that YouTube wasn’t working for them either, and Searches soared For “YouTube is disabled”.

Upon reaching the comment, YouTube directed us to the tweet we included in this story.

Update November 11, 8:51 p.m. ET: YouTube appears to be recovering, so we’ve made tons of changes all the time.

Update, 9:16 PM ET: Added YouTube is quite clear.

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