Youth Union votes against: applaud the ban on cell phone Laschet! – local policy

Yesterday, the leader of the CDU, Armin Laschet (60), announced the dire consequences of hacking secret party meetings: “Now there is a ban on cell phones. As long as I am the head of the CDU, this cell phone ban applies!” It should apply to the Presidency and Board meetings.

Laschet explained that the ban on cell phones is his plan to prevent disclosure of information to journalists and to close queues.

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BUT: Just a day later, the Junge Federation dodge the mobile phone ban proposal, and the majority voted against a similar proposal!

The reason: Many board meetings are now held digitally. In other words: it is simply not possible to ban cell phones and other digital devices because politicians are not in one room. Anyway, meeting participants can type their SMS a few minutes after the meeting, as one JU Day participant explained.

In addition: without cell phones, politicians will also be cut off from information at long board meetings, unable to maintain contact with staff, and will miss political developments.

Instead, Germany Day agreed to disagree with the indiscretion. JU President Tilman Cuban, 34, before a show of hands: “We all actually agree we don’t agree with the fact that it was pierced.”

Lachit vs Handi

Laschet had criticized his party from the front on Saturday, saying: “The fact that you can read the CDU’s federal executive director in the live broadcast was a weakness of the election campaign,” he said on Junge Union’s “Germany Day”. He was alluding to the follies in the bodies of the Party and the Union in the explorations of Jamaica. BILD published Union Leaks and exclusively revealed confidential content of the conversation.

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He advised each successor as party leader to enforce the “cell phone away!” order. It followed: huge applause from the audience – but a rejection of the mobile phone ban plan.

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