Your dream job? This company pays to go to the beach

(CNN) – This is your chance to win some sand dollars. is looking to hire someone for the position of Retro Beach Motelier (such as a sommelier who specializes in vintage shore excursions) who will visit many of the old beach hotels in the US and enjoy great ocean views. from the fifties

Vagabond Hotel in Miami, Florida.

The itinerary consists of’s 10 best retro beach motels across the United States, including the Pearl Hotel in San Diego, California, and the Vagabond Hotel in Miami, Florida. The company said the list is based on guest reviews, overall design, value and location. In a press release.

The hotel will be outfitted with old-school accessories, including zinc sunscreen, striped awnings, vintage sunglasses, a cooler, and even a solar-powered AM/FM radio for some tune-ups. The job will include offline activities, such as documenting the trip “for posterity” using an old Polaroid camera.

A professional tourist will get a stipend of $10,000 to cover travel expenses and a stipend of $5,000 to spend on classic seaside snacks like saltwater candy, frozen custard, and snow cones.

“Today’s travelers tend to look for all-inclusive hotels and resorts when planning their summer vacation, but we have Retro Beach Motelers to prove that beach motels can be just as luxurious,” said Melissa Domain of “These timeless motels are not only affordable, but will literally and figuratively transport beachgoers back in time to truly unwind and relax.”

Those who don’t want to travel alone can bring a guest to join the fun.

To apply for the job, complete a Online order. You will need to include your Instagram name to show your photo-taking skills on

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