World Series Baseball: Phillies leads against the Astros

DrThe Philadelphia Phillies beat the Houston Astros 7-0 in their first home World Championship game in 13 years and reclaimed the lead in their best of seven series. In the match that was postponed by a day due to rain, the hosts dominated the favorites and advanced 2-1 before the fourth game. Whoever gets four wins first is guaranteed the championship title.

The Phillies also set a world championship record with five home runs. After the match, Bryce Harper emphasized the importance of his fans to success: “They believe in us and we believe in them,” batsman Phillies said, “They keep us alert, they cheer us on.”

This is the Astros’ fourth World Championship appearance in the past six years, while Phillies are playing for baseball’s most important title for the first time since 2009. The Astros have recently lost the World Championship twice. In 2017, the team won the title, but was clearly cheated. Since then, many baseball fans have been highly critical of the team. Velez, the last team to qualify for the playoffs this season, last won the title 14 years ago.

Due to the postponement of the third game, the other matches were also postponed by 24 hours, so the fourth and fifth games will not take place in Philadelphia until Wednesday and Thursday.

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