World Cup Qualifiers: Austria ahead of the next mandatory mission

“In the analysis, we made it clear that we should not act as carelessly in the residual defense as we did against Latvia,” Foreman said. The bumpy start in Liepaja against Latvia backs up the statement made by the 40-year-old. Because Nicole Bella & Co. fell early against the Latvians after a serious defensive blunder. Only then did the red, white and red engine start and, in the end, 8:1, it was the highest away win in ÖFB women’s team history.

Foreman said North Macedonia also has players against whom neglect could prove fatal. The team boss pointed to Finnish Legionnaires Gentjana Ruchi of Koopion Palusioora and Natasa Andonova, who played at Levante in Spain, who can quickly punish mistakes with their individual quality.

ÖFB women hope to get points

After the opening 8:1 win against Latvia, the Austrian women’s team wants to improve in the World Cup qualifier against North Macedonia. The opponents have some international class players.

In her career, Andonova also played for German club Turpin Potsdam, Rosengard of Sweden, Paris Saint-Germain in the French capital, and Catalan major Barcelona. Andonova is also the top scorer in her country. That is why the ÖFB team is being especially warned about it.

a favour

Overall, the North Macedonians, who lost 8-0 to favorites England at the start of the qualifiers, are not the biggest unknowns for Austria. There have been duels in the recent past. “We know how uncomfortable the team is to play. The North Macedonians are dueling hard and love to play to get time to break our tempo. It is important to be patient and determination,” said Foreman. “We have to start the match better, be present from the start and not We give no room to the opponent.”

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Geba / David Geerger

Foreman wants to see a very focused team against Macedonia from the start

The two previous encounters between the Austrians and the selection from the Balkans, under the direction of Kirill Ezov, were held as part of the pre-qualification for the European Championships for the final round postponed to 2022. Austria won 3-0 in September 2019 at Südstadt and about a month later at the National Arena Todor Proeski. The match will also be played on Tuesday at the National Stadium in Skopje.

No restrictions in terms of staff

At the beginning of qualification in Latvia, Fuhrmann can count on a whole group of individuals. In addition to Bella, Marie-Therese Hoppinger, legionnaire from Turbine Potsdam, has scored three times in the past four matches. “I would be happy if I could help the team with a goal again. But in the end it doesn’t matter who scores the goals,” the 20-year-old said.

ÖFB Archery Festival in Latvia

Despite their teething problems, Austrian women began qualifying for the 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand with a hoped-for clear victory on Friday.

Austria will meet Luxembourg, Northern Ireland and England in their bid to participate in the World Cup qualifiers for the first time. The group winner is fully qualified for the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. The runner-up in the nine groups has a chance to play up to three other places to start the World Cup.

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