World Cup Qualifiers: Against Israel, the German Football Association must ‘raise’ again

Its hashtag on social media is based on two big names: #EsSchüllert writes the network whenever the international striker hits. The 23-year-old sees this design based on world champions Gerd and Thomas Muller as a “huge honour” – and Tuesday (4pm/ARD) The striker from Bayern Munich wants to let him “tremble” again in her old hometown of Essen.

Because, five days after a meager 1-0 game in Israel, the DFB team must give the peat plant a boost in the second leg of the World Cup qualifiers. Above all, Schuller was the focal point and versatile storyteller who, according to her own statement, is diligently studying the men’s German Bundesliga in order to improve her game. As a Dortmund fan, the Krefeld native took a particularly close look at Dortmund’s prodigy Haaland. “Of course, Robert Lewandowski is a role model for my team.”

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Your stakes speak for themselves: Schuller has scored 19 goals in 31 international matches, including two sets of four packs. You get advice from the best former striker in the world. Birgit Prinz, a three-time world footballer and record footballer in the Bundesliga, now looks after the German team as a sports psychologist. “It’s good to have a tip from her,” said the prospective industrial engineer. When she returns to the stadium in Hafenstrasse, her old living room, where she made her Bundesliga debut at the age of 16 in a SGS Essen jersey, her parents, grandparents and former teammates will welcome her into the stands.

She played in the talent factory in the Ruhr region for eight years before taking the big step to Munich last year. In the championship season, Schuller established himself as Bayern Munich’s top scorer (16 goals in the Bundesliga) after a difficult start. She worked a lot on herself, “for example in terms of fitness.”

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Eight goals in eight competitive matches

It pays off: this season, I’ve already scored eight goals in eight competitive matches for Munich. Now, with the national team on course for a 2023 World Cup ticket in Australia and New Zealand, she’s looking to grab a fourth win in Match Four. Schuller would like to personally contribute to expanding the goal balance in the 13:1 ratio.

It is happening now in quick succession. On Thursday (6 pm), the record eyes of the European champions will turn to Manchester, where the draw for the groups for the next European Championship (July 6 to 31, 2022) will take place. If all goes according to plan, there should be a lot of fanfare in England’s title fight.

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