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Roubaix – Led by three gold ladies Emma Haines, Leah Sophie Friedrich and Lisa Brennor, the German cycling team achieved a furious World Cup and improved excellent results from Berlin last year.

Runners Heinz and Friedrich as well as endurance racer Brennor won the gold twice at the velodrome in Roubaix before the final day of Sunday and awarded the Bond team Deutscher Radführer (BDR) a superb World Cup, which was even a poor Olympic result. From Tokyo won it was forgotten for a few days.

With less pressure for great performance

“The mood is great. We are simply one team and we are happy for each other. Everyone is out there with full ambition, which is why I treat everyone. We cried together, that’s just goosebumps,” described Friedrich, who, in addition to two team sprint titles and a time trial, also took a silver medal in the sprint and was only defeated by her friend Henz. The massive after Tokyo and now freed herself in the north of France with a superb athletic performance: “It feels really great and it’s a little unbelievable.”

In the women’s race, Team Germany consolidated the supremacy from Berlin by winning four titles in four disciplines. Even if there were no strong opponents from China, Australia and New Zealand, the balance was very positive. Haines managed to draw a line under Olympia’s leadership. “I still had a few bills that I wanted to settle,” she said. Marked by big emotions, tears and medals, Haines summed up the World Cup as “a success anyway”.

This also applies to Brennauer, who followed the next title reversal in the four in the team’s pursuit of gold in the individual quest. “This was really the best. “My eyes were a little black the last few laps,” said the 33-year-old from Allgäu. Her 2021 year was remarkable: in addition to quadruple titles at the Olympics, world championships and European championships, she won individual gold at the World Championships and European Championships, and was also the timely world champion in mixed street trials. “So much has happened this year that I never expected. And now a degree like this: simply amazing,” Brenor commented.

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Women make history – two medals for men

The quad, unbeatable this year, showed again on Saturday that it consists of several very strong athletes. Franziska Brauße won the silver and only had to admit defeat to Brennauer in the German final, a triple victory completed by Mieke Kröger. The trio were an integral part of the Golden Four, who had to lay off Lisa Klein due to the injury to Roubaix. A country’s gold, silver, and bronze medals were as historic as the day before the German sprint final Heinz against Friedrich.

The men couldn’t keep up with the women’s gold flood, but they did well. Joachim Eilers won a bronze in the 1000m, and was also part of the quartet that won bronze in the team sprint. “We have done a lot of work. My form has improved each time, and we want to build on that. This motivates me to be rewarded with a medal again,” Eilers said.

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