With former BVB, FC Bayern and HSV players

Many familiar faces from the Bundesliga are now playing unnoticed by the German media abroad. Today in the spotlight on sport.de: a former professional HSV player on fire, a rare feeling of happiness due to the fluctuations in the English Premier League, and a former talent at Bayern Munich who won many record champions.

“The archenemy of all and the greatest striker in the history of the Australian League”: With these eloquent words, the British “Guardian” topped the story last week about a player who is not a stranger to Germany either. But nobody in this country was afraid of him – quite the opposite. Opponents were luckier when he played. The striker has rarely scored goals in Germany.

We’re talking about Bessart Berisha, now 35 who ran for HSV in 2006/07 and Arminia Bielefeld from 2009 to 2011. The mildest of his 49 appearances for German clubs was manageable. Berisha scored four goals for the Hanseatic League and East Westphalia. Today the striker can laugh at it as he has scored five hits in his last three A-League matches in Western United alone.

“I like to play in the Australian League”

At the end of the week he miscalculated his two-goal goal in a 4-3 draw against Melbourne Victory. In general, the 139 and 140 were strikes at the Australian House of Lords of Berisha. Only the former Gladbacher Damian Mori is in The list of eternal scorers in the league Kiss.

What is the secret of his success? “I love to play in the Australian League. This league is very special to me. I enjoy this football. Lots of people say, just enjoy what you do. And that’s exactly what I found here. I found happiness in Australia.” Said Berisha, who was at home. Since 2011, he has scored at least 11 goals every season since then Figures HSV and Arminia Bielefeld could only dream of.

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Record BVB shooter hits after 2,646 days

Milos Jujic made his debut in Borussia Dortmund at the beginning of 2014 which he didn’t even dare dream about. The Serbian had just come to BVB from Partizan in Belgrade and had finally managed to make his league debut after two weeks with the black and yellow team. What a debut. With his first contact with the ball, Jujic scored the fastest debut goal in the Bundesliga after just 17 seconds (!) After being substituted.

However, Jojic’s record-breaking wasn’t an initial spark to pursue his career. Neither in BVB nor at 1. FC Köln, Basaksehir or Wolfsberg, the Serbian found his luck. And so he returned to his hometown club in Belgrade in the summer of 2020. The midfielder is there, he is an undisputed regular player and a pioneer who has merged into one player.

At the end of the week, the 28-year-old finally rewarded himself for sticking to his first goal. In the 6–0 victory over Indiga, the former Bundesliga player scored 3-0 in the meantime – his first goal for Partizan in 2,646 days.

The former jewel of Bavaria meets like a dream

The dry spell that former Bayern Munich talent Nicola Sanson faced almost never long. It was much more of a “thirsty streak”, because the Munich-born player scored only his first goal of the season for FC Bologna in Round 22. In Round 24, I follow him with the second – and it was cool on top of that.

After his former club Lazio Munich scored four goals in the Champions League just days earlier, Sansoni fired a superb shot in the decisive 2-0 match against the Romans in the net last week. It was the culmination of the outstanding performance that was chosen as the best Italian player today by the major sports newspapers.

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Sanson, who tried his luck at Bayern from 2007 to 2011 without success, commented cautiously at achieving his dream goal: “I couldn’t hit the ball any other way, but it went really well.”

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