“Winning on the roads I train is special”


EFE Road Contest 06/06/2021

Stefan Kung (Groupama-FDJ), the winner of the first stage of the Tour of Switzerland 2021, declared on Sunday that “the victory at home is special” because the victory came on the roads he trains daily in the Swiss city of Frauenfeld.

The Swiss sprinter from the Groupama-FDJ team won the 10.9-kilometre flat-out trial around Frauenfeld.

“I am very happy to win at home because I live a kilometer from here and these are the ways I train every day,” said Kong, who discovered he had a “special preparation for the tournament.” Suiza Tower From this to “.

“A couple of weeks ago I could never have imagined sitting here because I was still doing my best and struggling in the first real training sessions of the season. Then I felt like day by day I was getting better, so I was very confident before the start. I knew exactly what I had to do and did it perfectly” .

In 2018, in this same city, Stefan Kung was first in the race and took the top of the classification for four stages.

“I always had the impression when I was young that the first victory is easier than the second because once you win you are expected to win every day but the most special thing is to do it at home. These are the ways I train every day.”

“I know that all the people from the organizing committee and my friends and family are somewhere here on the side of the road,” he concluded.

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