WIND – cancels its service as of November 1

WIND HELLAS TELECOMMUNICATIONS PJSC announces the cancellation of the WIND Business Cloud services effective November 1, 2021. The service will henceforth be provided by Interworks.

For any subscriber wishing to continue providing Business Cloud services, it is possible to notify WIND by phone from the WIND mobile phone and landline company at 1277 (toll-free), or by writing to the following mail: [emailĀ protected] With reference to his contact details labeled “WIND Business Cloud”.

Under the relevant regulatory obligation, subscriber data remains stored but inaccessible for 6 months (until 1/5/2022). During this period, they have the possibility to restart related services, without any loss through WIND partner, Interworks. At the end of the above period, all data is deleted and is no longer recoverable.

Customers who maintain the Service and are affected by its termination, retain the possibility of terminating the Contract for a period of up to two months after the termination date.

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