Will The Eternal finally become a TV series on Netflix?

An unofficial poster will announce that a series based on the comedy masterpiece of Hector German Osterwald and Francisco Solano Lopez is in the works.

In the past few hours, a poster appeared on the network announcing the Netflix production series El Eternautaadapt eternitya humorous masterpiece by Héctor Germain Osterold and Francisco Solano López, first published between 1957 and 1959.

Timeless, from comics to TV

In fact shortly after the announcement domain.comNetflix denied that the official poster for the series, which was announced to be produced in 2020, is currently under construction.

The poster comes from a mysterious Twitter account called @ElEternautaOk, which has already been removed from the social network and can only be seen in google cache. on this link. It could also be a leak, but this hypothesis has not even been published.

Not much is known about the alleged series at the moment, except that the showrunner of the Argentine production will be Bruno Staniaro, known in his homeland as the author of the series. Okupas. The series will also have a creative advisor Martin Osterold, grandson of Hector, who must ensure respect for the legacy of the writer, who was imprisoned by the Argentine dictatorship in 1977 and murdered in 1978.

The fan made a poster

El Eternauta
El Eternauta

The fan-made poster shows the beginning of the original story, or the deadly snow with which an alien invasion begins, with its intense pain.

Neda Nos prepared Para La Nevada humanthat’s by saying No one brought us back to the deadly snowfall.

The supposed setting would be to go into the present day, not into the 1960s in which the comics took place. It must be remembered that the comedy had great prophetic clarity, predicting the dictatorship that was to rule Argentina between 1976 and 1983, which could be more relevant, and narrates our times, which seem unprepared for emergencies such as pandemics and the climate crisis.

global investment

The Eternal in Editoriale Cosmo
The Eternal in Editoriale Cosmo

At the time, it was also Reed Hastings, founder and CEO of the streaming platform, who announced that the production would be the platform’s largest economic investment in Latin America, and that it would be seen in 190 countries around the world. ), between 2021 and 2022.

Then the pandemic slowed production, according to Netflix’s vice president of content in Latin America, Francisco Ramos. before a whileThere is currently no official release date.

So we invite you not to hold your breath while you wait, in the meantime, it is advisable to read or re-read the comics, which are an absolute masterpiece, of science fiction, of comics, but also of the art of storytelling, which have deluxe copies and cartoons available like this post by 001 Edizioni, which is cheaper, like the 2021 Editoriale Cosmo.

We also recommend an interesting short film from a few years ago, which suggested a possible adaptation of the comedy.

Effects of an eternal invasion

Effects of an eternal invasion

Article by Emmanuel Manco
Saturday 19 December 2015

Palace on the grid to relive the painful 1963 invasion of Earth. Deadly snow that announces endless horrors. Al Gorbus, Coles and above all the sad question: who are “them”?


What do you think, lovers of the eternal to read us? Are you in fibrillation? Are you afraid of unfaithful adaptation? Share your opinion in the comments!

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