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E wild boar emergency. Now also in urban centers.
On the network there are disturbing videos of housewives being chased by herds of wild boars at the exit of the supermarket; In no less than a hundred Italian cities, the sights are now familiar. In Rome, Turin, Genoa and Trieste there were already many Road safety and personal safety problems. All things, to those who live in the hills and mountains, have been known for at least two decades.

According to the dataesbraHigher Institute of Environmental Protection and Research in 2000 The number of wild boars in Italy reached 300,000; Today it has more than tripled over a million.
a environmental phenomenon Of obvious historical importance for various reasons: from the abandonment of the countryside with the consequent astonishing advance of the strait (the forest is expanding at a rate of more than 25 thousand hectares per year) to the bad urban planning and bad urban waste management (The case of Rome is striking.)

However, there are not only wild boars. The environmental imbalances It involves flaunting problems at all levels, from invasive plant and animal species to new zoonoses (one of humanity’s biggest real problems – covid docet). In the United States, for example, Lyme disease Bacterial syndrome transmitted by Ticks of the genus Ixodes (Unfortunately it is also found in Italy) – In the 80s and 90s its growth rate was lower than that of AIDS.
Ecologists (not to be confused with ecologists, please) then showed that disease was spread due to strong imbalances due to anthropology and above all due to lack of biodiversity. However, biodiversity is not a concept exclusively associated with wild nature, quite the contrary. Well-preserved and cultivated campaigns are Beautiful “biodiversity” They are the product of the (real) farmers’ labor. A legacy for all.

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