Why would I never come back to India


“I was withdrawn several times, separated from my husband and could barely move.”

New Delhi, India
February 22. 2021, 03:37
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In general, people don’t like to hear much about negative tourist experiences. They like to visualize their dream destination as shown in ads and cards. But as much as we don’t want it, every place has its own dark side and it is better to see it in advance.

“There were a lot of things I loved about India, and you can see about a million pictures I took while we were there. But … India was something I wouldn’t recommend to most travelers. In fact, if you meet me in person, I will tell you exactly this:” Of experienced travelers who are ready for certain things that are likely to happen, ”says blogger Diana.

“Families came to me to ask if it would be appropriate to take children and young girls to India, and even though I did not live there to work, and I realized that their experience might be different from mine, I answered“ No. ”

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