Why Lo Celso traveled to Finland to undergo surgery on the injury that kept him out of Qatar 2022

The midfielder underwent surgery by a reputable Finnish surgeon. Geo, his signed shirt left him. His recovery has already begun.

After the fact and the inevitable, Giovanni Lo Celso His path to recovery has begun: he hopes to be on the field next year, and for that he traveled to FinlandWhere he underwent surgery by a person considered one of the most famous sports medicine: lasse lempainenwho was in his operating room recently Sergi Roberto s Ousmane Dembele.

The intervention was carried out Mehlanin New Sports HospitalLempainen, a private center located in Turku, Finland, specializes in injuries to the knees, ankles, and their muscles and tendons. He performs approximately 350 surgeries a year.

Lempainen was responsible for a detached biceps femoris tendon in his right leg and after the operation the Rosario midfielder presented him with the Argentine number 20 shirt that he would not use at the Qatar World Cup: that number now belongs to Alexis McAllister.

As expected, the Villarreal player will be out of action for at least three months, so the Rosario player is expected to return to the field only in March. The entire rehabilitation will be done in Spain.

At first Lo Celso tried to avoid surgery to be in the World Cup and then have surgery. There was even a kind of compensation for Yellow Submarine Command: not receiving salaries until they were discharged.

However, Lo Celso had no partners, allies, or anyone to support him in his crusade. He assumed what his lot was and entered the operating room. The surgeon will give the shirt that he will not wear and will watch the World Cup on the screen. “I will support another Argentine proverb from anywhere,” he admitted on his Instagram account.

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