Why is the dollar value less? That’s what happened, you crazy!

If you have opened this article, it means that you need a simple explanation about The economic and global situation at the moment. In fact, It’s not the dollar Worth less but Euro, pound, yen And many other currencies around the world. On the other hand, the dollar rose well 13% Since the beginning of the year compared to many other coins in existence. In this Special Moment Historical, green US dollarkind of in all respects A safe haven for investments. This is definitely one of the contributing factors On the positive side. US economy strong economy Despite the high inflation that we are witnessing and the high prices that are progressing undisputedly, The United States continues to thrive.

Moreover, it cannot be said that they have few advantages, first of all, They are not affected by geopolitical conflicts. Then, if you think about it for a moment, you’ll definitely remember it United State I am the The largest producer in the world of hydrocarbons. To be, then, an oil country, when high energy coststhat they be rich with all other members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries; While Europe and Asian countries, backwards, They are poor. Another important reason for this massive rise in the dollar can be found ininterest rates increasewhich was raised by the Central Bank of the United States (Fed) to 2.25%.

Forecasts for the coming months

Forecasts for the coming months they are not Certainly more RosySome experts claim that eurowhich in this period is exactly equal to one dollar, declining further in value. The expected estimate is that 0.80 euro cent for 1 dollarwhich, of course, will do nothing more than soaring inflation And make it more stifling than it already is. Moreover, many argue that the . file United State be determined a grow more and more In terms of global power. Technologically, in fact, thanks to the success of things like Google, Facebook, Apple or Amazonliterally standing crush the rest of the world.

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